Creative Sound Blaster GC7 Gaming DAC Amp ft Programmable Buttons, 7.1 Virtual Surround, GameVoice Mix, for PC, PS4/PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

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  • On-The-Fly Control With Programmable Buttons
  • Dual DSP With Incrededible Audio Processsing
  • SXFI Battle & Scout Mode
  • Balance Game And Chat Audio
  • Audiophile-Class DAC & Pristine Audio
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Game Streaming USB DAC and Amp with Programmable Buttons and Super X-Fi
The Sound Blaster GC7 is the first in its series of premium gaming audio solutions for experienced gamers, content creators, and streamers. Packed with both Super X-Fi and Sound Blaster audio technologies, the Sound Blaster GC7 offers more than just audiophile-grade audio. Enjoy quick and fully customizable control access with programmable buttons, and gain a competitive advantage against your opponents with superior battle tools like SXFI BATTLE Mode and Scout Mode.

Audiophile-class DAC

Stream at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz PCM playback and enjoy high-quality audio regardless of source with the Sound Blaster GC7, which offers low noise and low distortion with its AKM3477 audiophile-grade DAC.

Programmable Buttons and Intuitive Controls
Sound Blaster GC7 is designed for simple and intuitive one-handed controls, allowing you to access all the necessary adjustments at your fingertips. Save your presets and shortcuts on the programmable buttons and access them easily as and when you need to. Whether it’s to switch to a specific audio setting or launch a third-party application, the control is just a button away.

The EFX control panel also allows you to make simple adjustments to bass and treble settings, mic volume, and toggle between Super X-Fi Headphone Holography and Sound Blaster Acoustic Engine Surround easily.

GameVoice Mix
Winning = Clear Strategy + Effective Communication.

Sound Blaster GC7 allows you to control the right balance of your game and chat audio without having to leave your game screen or opening mixer settings with the GameVoice Mix feature.

Host of Connectivity Options
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a PC Master Race or a proud console gamer, the Sound Blaster GC7 supports them all! With a wide variety of connection methods, you can hook up your PC / Mac, PS4 / PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, or even mobile phones to any headphones or speakers to enjoy premium gaming audio.
Super X-Fi
Powered by the Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip, Sound Blaster GC7 lets you experience the same expansive audio of a high-end multi-speaker system recreated in headphones, and immerse in hyper-realistic audio that sounds as good as the real thing.
Sound Blaster
Expect top-tier audio processing like Surround Virtualization from the Sound Blaster chip, and make your audio uniquely yours by customizing it with audio technologies like Crystalizer, Smart Volume, Dialog Plus, and more.
Dolby Audio
Hear all the details and enjoy a cinematic experience, whether you’re playing games or watching a movie. Sound Blaster GC7 also supports up to 7.1 virtual surround on both headphones and speakers, as well as Dolby Digital decoding.
SXFI BATTLE Mode is the first and only sound mode that allows you to hear realistic audio cues that not only highlights the direction of bullets, but distance as well—so you can accurately pinpoint your enemies’ location to the millimeter.
Scout Mode focuses on detection through enhanced audio cues, highlighting each and every in-game detail that could make or break the game. Whether it’s the sound of your enemies’ gun reload or the slightest sound of a footstep, Scout Mode is sure to bring the cues right to your ears.


GameVoice Mix
PS4 and PS5 (PS5 requires optional HDMI to SPDIF converter)
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Yes ( Mobile Creative app support, Super X-Fi Profile Transfer and OTA Firmware upgrades)
4 Reassignable C1-C4 buttons, Master volume dial, GameVoice Mix dial, SXFI button, Surround button, Bass button, Treble button, Mic button, Rotary dial, Mic mute / unmute button, Power button, Platform mode switch, Headphone gain switch
47 x 114 x 173 mm
Dynamic Range (DNR)
116 dB
Audio Technology
SB-Axx1™, Super X-Fi Ultra DSP
Max. Playback Quality
DSP Mode: PCM 16 / 24-bit 48.0, 96.0kHz, 192 kHz, SPDIF Output: PCM 16 / 24-bit, 48.0 kHz
Max. Recording Quality
16 / 24-bit 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz, SPDIF Input:
16 / 24-bit, 48.0, 96.0, 192 kHz, SPDIF passthrough:
16 / 24-bit, 48.0, 96.0, 192 kHzLine-in:
16/24-bit, 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz
16/24-bit / 48.0, 96.0, 192,0 kHz
Recording Resolution
SPDIF Input: 16 / 24-bit, 48.0, 96.0, 192 kHz
SPDIF passthrough: 16 / 24-bit, 48.0, 96.0, 192 kHz
Mic-in: 16 / 24-bit 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz
Optical In: 16 / 24-bit 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz
Line-in: 16 / 24-bit 48.0, 96.0, 192.0 kHz
USB 2.0, USB 3.0
Connectivity Options (Main)
1 x 1/8″ Ext. Mic-in Jack, 1 x 1/8″ Line In / Mobile, 1 x 1/8″ Line Out, 1 x 1/8″ 4-Pole Combo Jack, 1 x SPDIF In, 1 x SPDIF Out, 1 x Type-C port for PC / Mac / Consoles
Headphone Amp
32–300Ω, Output Impedance: 10Ω
Max Channel Output
Audio Technologies
Scout Mode
Supported Operating Systems
Windows® 10, Windows® 11
Included Accessories
US TOSLINK Cable, USB-C to USB-A Cable, 4-pole 3.5 mm AUX Cable
S/N (Noise Gate Enabled) 125 dB (A-weighted), THD+N: ~0.0005%
Dynamic Range: 114dB (A-weighted), THD+N: 0.0006%
USB 2.0 / 3.0, USB Bus Powered
Recommended Usage
Home Entertainment


Windows® OS

  • Intel® Core™i3 or AMD® Ryzen equivalent processor
  • Intel, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 32 / 64 bit or higher
  • 1 GB RAM
  • >600 MB of free hard disk space
  • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port

Mac® OS

  • macOS 10.15 Catalina or higher
  • Supports Intel-based and Apple CPU chipsets
  • 1 GB RAM
  • USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 port


  • Firmware Ver 5.0 or later
  • Available USB port

Nintendo Switch

  • Switch OS 5.0 or later
  • Available 3.5 mm headphone port on console
  • Available USB port (in docking mode)

Voice communications supported when connected via 3.5 mm port and with Bluetooth to Android and iOS Nintendo Switch Online app or VOIP client


  • 1x Sound Blaster GC7
  • 1x USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • 1x Optical Cable
  • 1x 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty


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