Creative Pebble Pro 2.0 USB-C PC Speaker with Bluetooth 5.3 and Customizable RGB Lighting, USB Audio and Headset/Microphone Port

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  • Light up your setup with RGB
  • Powerful audio that goes beyond its size
  • Clear dialogues, deep basses for movie lovers
  • Great performance for reinforced sound
  • Versatile connection options
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Minimalist 2.0 USB computer speakers with Bluetooth 5.3 and customizable RGB lighting
Now with customizable RGB lighting! With the Creative Pebble Pro speakers, you can choose from a selection of RGB LED lights and three lighting effects via a simple plug and play setup.

Compared to the previous models, the design of the drivers has been revised and switched from analog amplifiers to a pair of built-in digital input amplifiers, so you can expect a rich and powerful sound right on your desk.

For movie lovers, our Clear Dialogue and BassFlex technologies ensure easy-to-understand spoken dialogue, while the impressive bass response increases immersion.

The Creative Pebble Pro is one of the popular PC speakers in the Pebble series and will enhance your desktop audio experience.

A jump in audio performance
At first glance, the Creative Pebble Pro seems to be equipped with the same 2.25″” drivers as its predecessor, the Creative Pebble V3.

In reality, they have been redesigned from the ground up with a brand new driver design to achieve more headroom for a louder, clearer audio performance that goes beyond their physism, and a 3.5 times richer and deeper bass performance*.

The end result is the technical miracle Creative Pebble Pro – looks compact on the desk and is able to deliver acoustic power of up to 10W RMS and a peak power of up to 20W.

RGB lighting
Choose from a range of RGB LED lights and 3 light effects; switch through a colour spectrum, become groovy in pulsating mode or keep it simple with a plain glow.
Increase performance
Audio distortion at high volume is the agenda with compact PC speakers, but not the Creative Pebble Pro. The Creative Pebble Pro uses two completely new, powerful digital amplifiers with integrated audio processing that allow higher output power, ensuring impressive audio playback at all volumes without the sound quality suffering.

Versatile connectivity options
Enjoy an instant audio boost with a single USB cable for power and audio. While powered by USB, you can also stream wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3 or connect them to other analogue devices via the 3.5mm AUX input.
Go chatting boiling
Turn the speakers into a quick and easy communication tool or even a private listening experience if you wish. Connect your headsets/headphones or microphone via the appropriate ports on the right speaker.

Placement fits exactly into your desktop setup
A long-awaited feature is finally here! With the longer cables (6 feet) from the left to right speaker, you now have more flexibility when placing the Creative Pebble Pro on your desk. Whether on the side of your Ultrawide monitor or right next to your laptop, this is entirely up to you.
Impressive, deep tones
No subwoofer, no problem. Thanks to our BassFlex technology, the Creative Pebble Pro is able to deliver advanced low-tone reproduction and pronounced bass even at low volume. The speakers are tuned to achieve maximum bass at all volumes without compromising sound quality.
Never miss a word
Do you miss important subplotts because the dialogues in the series are constantly overdrown by the sound effects in the background? The Creative Pebble Pro’s Clear Dialogue audio processing has been further improved to highlight spoken words against ambient noise while ensuring that the amplified language continues to sound natural and realistic.

With Clear Dialogue, spoken dialogues on the Creative Pebble Pro are easy to understand without having to turn up the volume.


Speaker Configuration
2.0 system, Computer Speakers
Connector Type
Bluetooth®, Mic-in, USB Audio, USB Power (USB-C, Min. 5V 2A), PD Adapter (Min. 30W), 3.5 mm AUX-in, Headphones / Headset Port
Operating Temperature
Recommended Usage
Movies / Music, Gaming, Wireless Streaming
Left: 123 x 123 x 118 mm / 4.8 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches, Right: 123 x 123 x 118 mm / 4.8 x 4.8 x 4.6 inches
Left: 365g / 13.4 oz, Right: 415g / 14.8 oz
Cable Length (End-to-end)
Right to Left Speaker Cable (non-detachable): 1.8m / 5.91 ft, USB-C to USB-C Cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft, USB-C to USB-A Cable (detachable): 1.5m / 4.92 ft, 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (detachable): 1.2m / 3.94 ft
Drivers Configuration
2 x 2.25″ Full-range Drivers with Passive Radiator
Frequency Response
80–20,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
≥ 75 dB
Power Output
Peak Power: 20W* / 60W**
Satellites: 2 x 5W RMS* / 2 x 15W RMS**
Total System Power: Up to 10W RMS* / Up to 30W RMS***With 10W USB-C Port or USB-C Power Adapter
**With 30W USB PD Adapter (not included)
Bluetooth® Version
(A2DP) Wireless Stereo Bluetooth*, *Stereo Bluetooth or A2DP profile enables wireless transmission of full stereo sound to other Bluetooth devices. To determine whether your device (notebook, PC, or mobile device) is equipped with A2DP-enabled Bluetooth technology, refer to your device manufacturer’s documentation / website for more information.
Operating Frequency
2402–2480 MHz
Operating Range
Up to 10m / 33 ft*, *Measured in open space. Walls and structures may affect range of device.
Wireless Codecs
Clear Dialog, BassFlex
Volume: Yes
Bluetooth Pairing: Yes
RGB Lighting: Yes
Alpine Green
Yes, 3 Lighting Effects
Supported Platforms
Windows PC, Mac, PS5, PS4 Series, Nintendo Switch, Mobile (via Bluetooth®)
Package Contents
3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (1.2m / 3.94 ft), USB-C to USB-C Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft), USB-C to USB-A Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)



  • Intel® i3 or AMD® equivalent processor
  • Intel, AMD, or 100% compatible motherboard
  • Microsoft® Windows 10 / Windows 11 32 / 64-bit or later
  • 1 GB RAM, > 600 MB of free hard disk space
  • Available USB-C or USB-A port


  • Macintosh running macOS 10.12 or later
  • 1 GB RAM, > 600 MB of free hard disk space
  • Available USB-C or USB-A port

Powered via Desktop / Laptop USB Ports

  • We recommend connecting the speakers to higher current USB-C port (5V 2A or 10W port) for the best audio experience

Analog Audio Devices with a 3.5 mm Stereo Output

  • We recommend connecting the speakers to higher current USB power adapter of up to 5V 2A output, or USB-C power adapter of at least 30W for the best audio experience


  • 1 x Creative Pebble Pro Speakers
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-C Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)
  • 1 x USB-C to USB-A Cable (1.5m / 4.92 ft)
  • 1 x 3.5 mm AUX-in Cable (1.2m / 3.94 ft)
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty and Compliance Leaflet


1-year Limited Hardware Warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 13.3 × 13.3 × 13.3 cm



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